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Roseville CA Wedding Photography, Roseville Newborn Photography, Scramento, San Francisco, Bay Area Wedding Family Photographer

When I introduce myself as a photographer, people would ask what style or what type of photography I do. I often find myself in lost of words.

     - I capture candid lifestyle photos

     - I like quiet vintage stills

     - I like the courage in bold colors

     - I like the drama in your eyes

     - I like that classic glamour dreamer's look

     - I thrive finding repetition in patterns &  


     - I like the sillies

     - I like a rusty dusty action

     - I like the details that goes with your



After photographing so many families and couples with an ever-changing style, I realize I wasn't photographing you, but the emotion you projected on me while we are together in this space. The pictures are natural, beautiful, and amazingly -you!


My Style