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Photographer, designer, crafter, succulent planter, food junkie, house maid, and a mother of two.

Photography and design has always been my passion since young. For the first years of my career I started as a Jr. Graphic Designer and worked my way to a Sr. Design Manager at a textile company. There I was lucky to have worked with many amazing artists, designers, photographers, stylists, and just great talented people. I quit my beloved but crazy job after the birth of my second child. And that's when I picked up my photography passion again.


With all the chaos of caring for my two little monsters, I get that hormonal rush from maternal instinct, the "I am the luckiest and proudest mother in the world", and the sentimental "I wish you never grow up and leave me". Well, we know the last part will never come true, that's why I'm always eager to capture every smile, every milestone, and every little goofy thing they do. There is no better perspective of your children and family than the view from a mother's eye, and that's exactly the emotional connect that I long to capture.


Now that you know that I'm a passionate mother, it does not stop there. I take each client seriously, to understand what they want and bring out the most beautiful and brilliance in them. From understanding the basics of the family, to researching on location, bringing the right props, and to working with the clients on set to bring out the best of them; at the end, I take my time at the post editing phase to further enhance colors and mood.