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A Buggy Ride for a Centenarian

Lois is turning 100 years old this year, gosh, how many of us can say that!? Today her caretaker surprised Lois with a buggy ride at the Redwood Acre Ranch in Orangevale. Lois didn't want a ride initially, she was firm at "keeping her feet on the ground". With a little bit convincing... (if I heard right, it had something to do with a pickle?!) Lois pushed her walker aside and got up onto the buggy. Her driver, Kai, was gentle and patient, guiding the two miniature horses smoothly through the streets. Lois said this reminded her of her Grand Mother's buggy, she didn't want to get off when the ride was over. I felt so lucky to be invited by Redwood Acre Ranch as part of this buggy ride

and honored to have documented this journey with Lois!