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2020 Holiday Box Mini Session

Last year, I introduced the holiday box mini during the holiday season with a decorated cardboard box. As ghetto as it sounds, it was so much fun to have kids AND adults fitting in there and creating magical moments! This year with more requests to bring back the box session, hubby and I went to Home Depot and managed to construct a wooden box that's even sturdier.

These in-the-box photos started to become trendy in the last couple of years, allowing multiple poses to be stitched into one photo. I wanted to bring more creativity to its design so the layout is not always uniform and rigid (cookie cutter). With lots of time and photoshop editing involved, I love how each photo comes out uniquely to that one family.

This year, in order to comply with the health and safety regulations, this indoor holiday box mini session will have limited spots available. Servicing only one family per day to allow enough time for thorough sanitizing and clean up. Photo orientation is determined ahead of time, tailored for a fun holiday greeting card, it can be either horizontal or vertical (no squares or circles). Let me know ahead of time what your outfits would be, I will decorate the box with simple holiday decors that matches. Book now in order to give yourself ample time for greeting card ordering.

Session fee: $280

Hi-resolution jpeg: One completed collage + All individual photos in the box.

Location: Vindy Leung Photo Studio at East Roseville, CA

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