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Llama Holiday Mini - Orangevale Family Mini

My family moved out of the Bay Area 4 years ago, we now live in Roseville, California. There are so much life out here we were never exposed to, farm life is one of them that brings us so much joy. This beautiful family is one of the new friends we are blessed meeting! This family owned farm has tons of animals indoor and outdoor. Horses, miniature horses, a pig named Ziggy, a llama, goats, lots of goats, chickens, ducks, lizards, snakes, bird, dogs, and more. When you step into the farm, you'll be surprised to see everyone of them are living their best life in harmony. I never even seen the horse' eyes being covered up. They are just out there enjoying their grassy meal. Such well behaved animals, I was so glad they gave me permission to hire these beautiful animals for my fall mini sessions.

Mr. Llama Llama Arckabama is 8 months old, holding his leash is like guiding a calm big dog. No he doesn't spit... at least not yet, and not with all the families that he has encountered; but I would still instruct people to stand a little to the side just in case. He's so sweet and gentle, not only the kids were madly in love with him, parents, especially dads says they've had a blast meeting him!

So grateful for my new human and animal friends!

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