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Photographer's Craft Table - Llama Holiday Session

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

It's that jolly time of the year! If you're looking to get a quick update of family portraits and planning for the holiday cards, it's never too early to book NOW!

My holiday mini sessions are booking out fast! I have multiple requests for Unicorn Minis and Holiday Box Minis this year. I will continue to offer the Holiday Box Mini this year indoors in my home studio (East Roseville), but as far as furbaby goes, I am inviting Mr. Llama Llama Arcabama to participate this year's holiday session!!! Why llama you asked? Because he's so darn cute! He's only 5 months old and he has the sweetest smile on his face! Mini session will be held in October in Orangevale, CA, I am already taking pre-bookings. I will soon update sign ups with photos of what the session will look like, but first, I want to share these new headpieces I am creating for my first family. They revealed to me they will be wearing some grays and whites. There are two little princesses in this family, and I feel these sage greeneries will look bright and airy for them!

Sage Floral Crown Tools:

-Floral wire

-Floral tape


-Plastic sage leaves

-Dried dainty flowers (hang fresh flower upside down in a dark spot for a few weeks)

-Yarn or ribbon for ties

I love crafting for my clients. Upon booking, I always ask little questions... nothing too obvious that I am stalking you, but I absolutely want to get a sense of what make you and your family unique. It's hard to explain.... but when I get a feeling or emotion, I see colors in my head, and that's a color pallet I can start with. Knowing your hair colors helps me prepare headpieces. If you're wearing a purple dress I will bring some purple flowers. If you want to be casual and wear jeans, I have the perfect blue ladder stool!

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